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-Easy to use, comfortable ironing:
This Philips dry iron brings you good ironing results with uniform heating and the precision tip, which helps you
reach the trickiest places. With an ergonomic handle and its light weight, ironing will be comfortable and easy
-Linished soleplate
-Uniform Heating
-Reaches tricky areas
-This iron provides even heat distribution over its soleplate, minimizing the risk of scorching your clothes and
helping you to achieve good ironing results easily.
-This iron features a high-quality linished soleplate for long-lasting performance.
-The button groove makes ironing along buttons and seams fast and easy.
-The tip is precise in 3 ways. It has a pointed tip, button groove and sleek nose design. Our triple precision tip
helps you handle even the hardest-to-iron spots, like buttons and pleats.
-This iron ensures a comfortable and ergonomic grip. There is an ample space between the handle and the body of the iron so that your hand fits well during ironing.
-The iron has an optimal weight, making it easy to constantly place the iron on the ironing table and back to its heel-rest.
-Temperature light goes on when the iron is heating up and goes off when the solepalte temperature has reached the set level.
-Our non-stick soleplate glides easily on any ironable garment with a special non-stick layer.
-All our iron cables are rigorously tested for maximum safety and durability.
-This iron is protected with a thermal fuse for extra-safety against over-heating.
-Delivers a fast warm-up and powerful performance.


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